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The Way to Perform Advanced Passes in NBA 2K18
04-20-2018, 10:53 AM
Bericht: #1
The Way to Perform Advanced Passes in NBA 2K18
When you consider the best passers in the NBA, names such as Lebron James and Chris Paul come to mind. Finding the proper man at the right time can result in easy buckets, and that's no different in NBA 2K MT Coins. Here is how to step your game up and take full advantage of all of the advances passes available in the sport.

This performs a standard chest pass from 1 player to another. For a bounce pass, push the left stick in the path of the recipient and press Circle/ / B. For an overhead pass, push the left stick in the direction that you want to pass it and tap Triangle/ Y. Players can try an alley-oop simply by double tapping Triangle/ Y.

If you would like to take your passing game to another level in NBA 2K18, hold down Triangle/ Y to lead an off-ball player to the basket and then release it when you're ready to pass. To complete a flashy pass, simply double tap Circle/ B while holding the left stick in the path of the receiver. Release the button to get a return.

Another commonly used tactic to create movement is your dribble handoff. This is where an off-ball offensive player runs beneath the ball-handler and can be passed the ball. To execute this move, hold down Circle/ B and await the off-ball participant to run behind the ball-handler. Release the button to carry out the hand-off.

While standing or driving to the basket, then you can perform a bogus pass or jump. To get a fake pass, press Triangle + Circle/ Y+B. A jump pass is executed by pressing Square + X/ X + A.

At the end of a match when attempting to book time in NBA 2K18 from nba2king, it may be best to roll up the inbound pass in instead of pass it.
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