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Economics is kid's play
04-20-2018, 10:55 AM
Bericht: #1
Economics is kid's play
But since I nostalgically reflect upon my newfound youth invested in this virtual idyll, I can't help but remember one specific aspect of this game--that the economy was absolutely fucked. You believed the GFC was bad? Cheap Maplestory Mesos took it into a whole new level.

Like most of MMORPGS, Maplestory is premised around levelling up. As you progressed, you gained access to better items, which means that you could fight stronger monsters and research more harmful regions with much more rewarding item drops.

On paper, the higher level you were on, the more of Maplestory you can enjoy. Only 1 catch--only because you're on a specific level, did not mean that you could manage everything that amount gave you access to. To be able to make any meaningful progression from the game, you needed to have an ample supply of the in-game money, called Mesos.

As a newcomer, your in-game income depends mostly on creature drops and completing quests. Early game, this works perfectly fine, particularly since all the armour and weapons you need can be bought from NPC stores with costs that never alter (a kind of government price control possibly?) But once you pass a specific point, the equips you'll need are no longer stocked in NPC shops, and may only be accessed either by massacring swathes of a particular monster hoping these will fall exactly what you would like, or by going to the Free Market and trusting someone is selling what you need at a price you can afford. However, the income you generate from questing and monster falls is not enough for the ridiculous costs on the Free Market.

Mesos can be made through utter dedication. Like any market, Maplestory does benefit those who work hard. And 'work hard', I suggest play with the game non-stop for ungodly hours to the stage that the true world and the virtual universe turned into one and the same. I had a buddy who made 5 side accounts, got them all to par 36 where they'd play a one-off pursuit which provided an extremely valuable scroll, moved that to their main accounts. However, as a ten-year-old who could only play with the game on weekends, this was not a choice for me personally.

Another method of earning mesos was using real world cash to purchase "surprise boxes" or even "gachapon tickets"--a type of lottery/gambling system that occasionally gave you unbelievably rare and valuable items. While there was an in-game store where you could purchase items (mostly cosmetic) using real world money, perhaps more alluring was the unofficial black market, in which you can purchase mesos directly up. However, compelling my frugal Asian parents to spend real money on a MS Mesos game was also not an option.

So what does one casual gamer perform in order to make it in the capitalism-on-crack-what-is-social-welfare wasteland of Maplestory?
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