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When you get down to it, a business has to
06-13-2019, 04:26 PM
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When you get down to it, a business has to
We'd like to say that cuts are never easy Taylor Rapp Jersey , but it's not exactly the truth. After all, the NFL and the 32 teams in the league are ultimately businesses. especially as it concerns their employees. When someone isn't working out, then there comes a time when you've got to let them go and move on. Maybe it's not the most pleasant decision in the world Shareef Miller Jersey , but recent NFL history has proven that even the biggest cuts can seemingly be made quite easily by most teams.As we slowly move into another NFL offseason, we prepare for what is an almost inevitable wave of player cuts. When you're looking at possible cuts for your team, you can't really think about the cuts you want them to make, the cuts they're likely to make, or even the cuts you don't want them to make. Instead Germaine Pratt Jersey , you have to remember that cuts are an inevitable part of the process and focus instead on the cuts that these teams absolutely have to make. Some of these cuts involve big players who must be let go because of contract issues or poor performance. Others involve troubled athletes, players that never realized their promise, and others who simply didn't work out. Each of them represents one roster cut every NFL team will have to make this offseason. It's a universally accepted notion that you aren't going anywhere in the NFL without a quarterback. You're not getting to the playoffs with a bad one and you're not making it to the Super Bowl with any quarterback short of greatness. While it's been shown that you don't need the elite quarterback to win a Super Bowl, (see Joe Flacco, Russell Wilson and Eli Manning) you do need your quarterback to be playing at a high level when it counts the most.If a team is great enough , they can overcome some shortcomings at the most important position, be it through a dominant running game or a suffocating defense. The Bears didn't win the Super Bowl because of Jim McMahon, the Ravens didn't win because of Trent Dilfer and the Buccaneers didn't win theirs because of Brad Johnson. One common trait though, was those quarterbacks didn't harm their team along the way. They were careful with the football and made the big plays when they had to.Some teams haven't been so lucky, as there have been plenty of teams throughout NFL history that were littered with talent across the board but couldn't overcome their weakness at quarterback. Usually it was because of untimely turnovers Renell Wren Jersey , but it could also be that they just didn't get the big play when they needed it. Even if your defense is dominant and your running game is controlling the clock, there comes those 13-13 games where you need that big throw to get you over the hump.The teams you'll see on this list didn't need an elite quarterback to win the Super Bowl, but the fact they didn't have someone solid under center prevented them from doing so. Here are 15 NFL teams that could have won the Super Bowl, but were held back by terrible play at quarterback. So to be clear, we're only talking about that particular year , meaning the team could have had a QB who had success in his career, but was ineffective that particular season.
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